Cult of the Meat Babe

Meat Clothing is the London latex brand run by the creative pairing of Bo Claridge and Alis Pelleschi.

Established over five seasons and now rapidly approaching their sixth (not including their constantly expanding ‘Fantasy’ diffusion line), it’s become almost impossible to consider the brand in isolation from the world Bo and Alis have built around it, at the centre of which lies the ubiquitous ‘Meat Babe’.

These babes are a mixture of photographers, musicians and muses who are all united by their loyalty to the brand; as synonymous with Meat as its trademark latex fabric.

For this special LOGO shoot and video, we opened the recent Meat collections up to these muses and invited each to give their interpretation on the brand and how it fits in with their personal style.

Meat Babe Robyn Fitsimons


Insta @hardc0rebabes95

Meat Babe Darque Freaker

Insta @Darqefreaker

Meat Babe Bunny Goodgirl

Twitter: Pr1ncessbunny

Meat Babe Akinola Davies

Insta @crackstevens

Meat Babe Hannah Diamond

Insta @HannahDiamond_

Meat Babe Jamie Bull

Insta @4fucksakebabes

Meat Babe Jada Simone

Insta @JadaSimone__

Meat Babe Shaquan Unique

Instagram @Shaqthatguy

Meat Babes Randa Kherba and Dodo Wang

Instagram @RandaKherba & @dodopotato

Meat Babe Elle Hardwick

Insta @eleanorhardwick

Meat Babe Saga Sig

Insta @sagasig


Insta @mercedesfbenson

Meat Babe Joey

Insta @josephicaro

Meat Babes Suren Seneviratne and Soki Mak

Insta @mypandashallfly & @sokimak

Meat Babe Chani Ra Layzell

Insta @princessclvl

Photography by Alis Pelleschi
Filmed by Casper Fitzhue, edited by Meat.

All models self styled.