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Princess Bambi Heavenly Touch Fragrance bottle

Princesses <3<3<3

Today is the launch of not one, but three Princess Bambi fragrance campaigns. Arctic Glow,Pacific Kiss and Heavenly Touch all have their unique stories,scents and packaging.Fragrances can be bought as 50ml or 100ml bottles,there is also a limited edition mini set that is available for a short time only,containing all three fragrances in the cutest mini bottles,packaged and signed by me.Next week will be the official launch at Selfridges,come join me for an afternoon of luxury and glamour,see you all there.
Princess Bambi

Princess Bambi Heavenly Touch Fragrance

My personal favorite from the Princess Bambi fragrance collection,Heavenly Touch…a sweet,airy scent that makes me feel sexy,glamorous and in control.
Made up of white jasmine,pink champagne,a bouquet of roses and candy floss and other secret ingredients, this fragrance can be worn to any flirty occasion.
Every time I wear this,I feel that everything I touch is going to turn into diamonds,I feel powerful,in love with myself as well as everyone around me.
Heavenly touch…the fragrance for angels xxx


Pacific Kiss,the new fragrance designed by me,launched by the design house of Princess Bambi.
The name comes from a previous trip to FIGI in 2010…a holiday I will never forget!
Two weeks spent with my fav princesses on my private yacht,relaxing in the sun,good food,cocktails,late nights spent dancing at PACHA,passionate love affairs,pink sunsets,glistening seas and laughter…the perfect balance for a luxury holiday.
I wanted the scents of Pacific Kiss to take me back to that time…a refreshing,tropical,clean,youthful,flirty,energetic,lingeringly seductive and summery scent with hints of exotic fruits,cucumber and coconut.
As you spray it on your skin,it leaves a glowing shimmer keeping your skin sun kissed, radiant and cool.
Pacific Kiss…make it memorable xxx


Arctic Glow, a fragrance I thought up while lying in front of the fire wrapped in fur,while staying at the amazing Ice Hotel.I wanted a fragrance specifically for Winter that would make me feel sensual,heart warming and provocative. Full of spicy,musky,creamy scents with hints of white chocolate amber and vanilla.Princess’s your surely to find your Prince while wearing this.Someone that will keep you warm through the cold winters.You will be the one…you will glow…
Arctic Glow…your heat when it chills xxx
Hair: Ranelle Chapman