DJ Irresistible – Valentines Mix & interview

The Jersey Club sound has expanded way beyond it’s Newark, NJ roots over the last few years to become a signature sound of underground club/street culture and an unescapable presence on networks like Soundcloud. Despite the many twists that have been given to the genre as it has spread, Jersey’s own DJ Irresistible remains one of the most influential DJs on the scene, with his edits forming the backbone for any credible DJ set/mix associated with the movement. 

As a valentines day exclusive he’s dropped a special mix for LOGO, complete with a Q & A detailing his role and opinions on the Jersey movement.  


What’s your favourite song to play to start the day?

‘Waves’ by Mr. Probz always puts me in a good mood.


What’s the first record you ever brought?

The first album I ever brought was Kanye West’s “Late Registration”. Still one of my favorite albums till this day.


How old were you when you first visited a club?

I would have to say like 16, 17. I started hitting clubs young.


Do you think developments in software have hurt or helped the art of djing?

I feel as though the new softwares have made Djing alot easier than it was years ago, but i don’t feel that it is hurting the culture. You have to embrace change, nothing stays the same.


People are now familiar with the Jersey sound across the globe, what might they not know about the actual scene that exists there?

Well many might not know that Jersey club music originated in Newark, NJ (Aka Brick City) my hometown.


What other countries have you brought the music too so far, and how has it been received? Do people interpret it/get down to it differently in other places?

Everyday i get messages from people all over the world telling me how much they love my music… From Mexico to Paris the world is starting to appreciate the sound and I love it.


How do you feel about all the producers (particularly on soundcloud) that make the music today – is it all love, or do you worry about authenticity and things becoming watered down?

As far as Jersey Club music goes yes i feel there are a lot of new producers that are hurting the culture. But  I also feel that there are a few producers out there like myself that are pushing the culture to another level and to a larger audience.


Are there any newer Jersey DJs that you’re feeling?

Most of the DJ’s that I listen to from Jersey are the main guys on the scene.To me all the newer Dj’s sound the same so I don’t really pay attention to them.


How many edits do you think you have made altogether?

I would have to say around 150. I’ve been grinding for about 6 years now.


Can a good edit can play a role in breaking the original version of a song (and have you seen this happen first hand), or are they strictly for the club?

It really depends on what type of edit it is. That whole EDM sound is huge right now so maybe an EDM edit can break an original. But as far as any other genre like Twerk, Trap or Jersey club, those edits are more appreciated in the clubs in my opinion.


Is working with artists on original material something you are looking to do more of, and who would be your ideal collaborator?

Yes I been working on a lot of originals lately, thats my main focus for this year. And I’m pretty much down to work with any artist out there thats talented and dedicated on making good music.


Mix by DJ Irresistible

Interview: William E. Wright

Artwork: Hannah Diamond