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The drive behind LOGO is to create and showcase the most forward-thinking, progressive creative work to be found online, specialising in the intersection between art, music and style, with a particular emphasis on the latest aesthetic and digital trends.

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LOGO Creative and Editorial Director
William Edwin Wright


Charlotte McManus

Hannah Diamond

Comissioning Editor of Photography
Anna Ryon

Contributing Photo Editor
Alis Pelleschi

Editorial contributors
Kingdom, A.G. Cook, Kristen-Lee Moolman, Jerome LOL, Aza Shade, Dux Content, Elle Hardwick, Alis Pelleschi, Princess Bambi, DJ Wonder, Kyle Hinton, Vasilisa Forbes, Curtly Thomas, Ollie Evans, Charlie XCX, Fillipo Della Finna, Hrtzee Dizaster, Elizabeth Smart, @LILGOVERNMENT, Charlotte Rutherford, Ritualz, Sam Voulters, Stefan Schwarzman, Jamie Bull, Black Black Gold, Crim3s, Theresa Davies, Triple Six Soundclub, Alice Charlotte Ray, Maisie Cousins, Patric DiCaprio, Alex Kazemi, Mess Kid, Rachael Crowther, Dora Moutot, #TOP8, DJ Baglady, Monika Mogi, Con/Hal, Teen Witch, Shalowww.


Creative & Digital Direction
William E. Wright/LOGO Studio

Art Direction
Diamond Wright

Director of Photography
Hannah Diamond

Contributing Digital Director
Joseph Waller @textcursor

Head of Video
Aaron Chan

Kyle Molleson, Tom Howe, Joseph Waller (TextCursor)